Shuttle 12 Pallet (W12S)

  • Positions for 12 pallets, 10 on the main chains and 2 on the slide outs
  • 2 saddle tanks each with approximately 200 gallon capacity each (400 total)
  • There will be a 150+ gpm Pacer hydraulically driven water pump for filling harvester tanks
  • A set of squeeze racks with folding gate to allow room for pallets on the slide outs
  • Cummins QSF3.8 Tier 4 Final, 130 hp
  • OMSI Axles
  • Pressure washer
  • There will be a folding headboard

Shuttle 10 Pallet (W10S)

  • Positions for 10 pallets, 6 chains
  • Machine has steel construction with stainless steel squeeze channels, engine cover, driver’s station, diesel and hydraulic tanks
  • Folding headboard, approximately 88″ tall without a flip -over estension
  • Deck jacks on rear of the vehicle
  • A set of squeeze racks, the full length of the chains
  • Steel Diamond floor plate under chains
  • Horn locks on transfer sockets for coupling to the mating machine
  • Engine Cummins 3.8 QSF Tier 4 Final
  • OMSI axle for drive train
  • A second control station with all the transfer functions is located in the left rear (drivers’s side) which can be activated from the cab only when in low gear