Leaf Cutter 8000

This Machine features Valley Fabrications 16″ undercarriage. For Harvesting Bulk Product and Totes.

Leaf Cutter 4

This Leaf Cutter has Valley Fabrication custom 12″ Tracks. It is a combo machine with an incline and single sort conveyor. This cross conveyor lifts and lowers into bulk or totes mode, then the Elevator and Tote Exit Conveyor slide into the appropriate position.

Leaf cutter SLS3000

Stainless Steel Construction 12.4 x 24 tires on 82 inch centers OMSI drive/steer planetary axles with 100% differential lock, and SAHR brakes Machine top speed around 5 mph Axle jacks for loading onto the trailer Four Wheel steering with automatic centering rear axle QSF3.8 Cummins Tier 4 Final Engine, 130 hp Standard Valley Fab Header …

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