Brussels Sprouts 6.0

Machine Features:

  • Designed for 12 Double electric stripper heads, supplied by customer
  • Space behind last stripper station to inspect the product with a clip on ladder/platform
  • Machine under 12 feet wide
  • Machine aproximatly 128 inches tall
  • Chassis and undercarriage mild steel
  • Conveyors and structure above main frame all stainless steel
  • Aluminum diamond floor plate for flooring
  • Tracks
    • Rocking undercarriage, 106 inches track centerlines
    • Goodyear 36″ x 378″ tracks
    • Valley Fab Custom Undercarriage
  • Powertrain
    • Cummins Tier 4 QSF3.8L engine 130hp
    • Three Hold pump drive
  • Electrical
    • 480V 3 Phase generator
    • Auitomatic frequency control
    • All LED light to illuminate machine and field for night time harvesting
  • Conveyors
    • Infeed Conveyor, 36″ wide with black rough top belting
    • Hoop Conveyor, 36″ wide smooth black belting
    • Incline Conveyor, 36″ wide with 1″ flights
    • Pack/Main Conveyor, 36″ wide smooth black belting
    • Side roller Conveyors for getting rid of stems and trash
    • Rear cross Conveyor, 24″ wide, black crescent top belting
    • A single swing around exit conveyor with 26” wide black belt with 2” flights every 8”
    • Exit conveyor has a hydraulic flipper

Brussels Sprouts 4.0

Using Tumoba stock stripper units on a Valley Fabrication Harvester

Machine Features:

  • Frame made from mild steel, from frame up Stainless steel construction and all other food contact areas
  • Machine under 16 feet width and requires special permits to move legally.
  • Expanded metal grating on the floor
  • Stainless steel rollers on roller conveyor with diamond wrapped lagging
  • Tumoba Units Modified to fit on Machine
  • Goodyear 36″ x 378″ tracks (Positive Drive)
  • Valley Fabrication Custom Undercarriage
  • Rear Pivot tube and front rocking beam for undercarriage movement
  • LED lighting on machine for night harvesting