Steel Room

The Valley Fabrication Steel Room holds over 350,000 lbs. of steel in stock, including:

  • most common sizes of hot roller steel shapes
  • most common sizes of stainless steel shapes
  • sheet metal
  • aluminum sheets and some shapes

Our equipment consists of:

  • 200 ton, 16 ft. bed Brake Press,
    • 90 deg. bend on 1/4″ plate up to 10 ft. long
  • 5/8″ shear up to 8 ft. long
  • 1/4″ shear up to 10 ft. long
  • Cut-off bandsaw up to 18″ of material
  • Metal Worker and punches
  • Tube bender for square and round tubing
  • High Def, CNC Plasma
    • Cuts 1 1/2″ HRS steel and 1″ Stainless steel

We also carry alloys such as:

  • ETD
  • AR
  • Plow steel
  • T-1 Cor-ten and HI-ten

If you have a project and are looking for material, our steel department is ready to supply you with the metal you need. Come on by and make Valley Fabrication your one-stop material shop.

If you need any non-common size tubing or pipe in stainless or HRS, call us. We can get what you need within a day.

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