Valley Fabrication’s Engineering and Design department is responsible for the design and modeling of the harvesters we build. With 3D modeling software, programming, and lots of in-field experience, we can bring any concept to life. Our design team has considerable expertise in:

  • Off-road vehicle design
  • Mobile hydraulics
  • Vehicle power train design
  • Vegetable harvest requirements and strategies
  • Field haul trucks and trailers
  • Automation
  • Process optimization on a mobile platform

Valley Fabrication’s Engineering and Design team can develop a complete new harvester or modify an existing design according to your requirements.

If you are interested in any of our machines from our Products page, contact our Engineering Department to receive a quote and more information about the machine.

Programs we have:

  • SolidWorks2018, for 3-D modeling
  • Plus 1 programming, for harvester function and automations
  • Autocad
  • Plasma Cam
  • Microsoft Office products

We provide phone support for all of our harvesters, and can assist you with troubleshooting problems. Most problems can be solved over the phone, and parts can be shipped out right away to get you up and running. We also provide in-field support for our equipment when necessary.

Plus 1 Computer Troubleshooting2019-02-22T00:32:31+00:00

My Plus 1 computer is flashing red lights. What do these flashes mean?

If you identify the pattern of flashes on the computer it will help with troubleshooting the problem.

Here is the document for decoding the code.

My machine is turning over but does not start.2018-06-27T22:53:04+00:00

This is a common question that we get. When turning the key and the engine is turning over but the machine will not start. First step, check your E-Stops. Many times someone pushed or pulled one of the e-stops which will not allow the machine to start but turn over.

If all the e-stops are checked, DOUBLE CHECK THEM.