3 Point Harvesting

This is a great, cost effective way to harvest your product. Equipped with box slides, set up trays and box packing trays.

Offload conveyors on both sides for easier in field use.

Other Specs:

  1. Stainless steel construction
  2. Main frame conveyor will cover ten 40” beds
  3. Water spray nozzles, one per bed
  4. Shade canopy over set up trays and packing racks
  5. Clip on set-up trays
  6. Box packing racks
  7. Duel Direction Main conveyor
  8. Two exit conveyors, both will have tan rough-top belting
  9. Lights on machine for low light harvesting
  10. A manual hydraulic control valve station on one end of the wing for:
    a. Belt direction
    b. Main belt speed
    c. Tote exit belt speed
    d. Tote exit tilt
  11. The transport trailer will be mild steel construction with torque flex axles and electric trailer brakes
    a. Tail lights on the trailer