Project Description

Machine Features

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • 12.4 x 24 tires on 82 inch centers
  • OMSI drive/steer planetary axles with 100% differential lock, and SAHR brakes
  • Machine top speed around 5 mph
  • Axle jacks for loading onto the trailer
  • Four Wheel steering with automatic centering rear axle
  • QSF3.8 Cummins Tier 4 Final Engine, 130 hp
  • Standard Valley Fab Header and Float system
    • Supply water on the pick up belt for reduced friction and cooling
    • Standard Mol pickup belt
    • Squirrel cage mouse or forward blower mounted to the front of the conveyor (Optional)
    • Standard air jump
    • Standard 3/4″ nose bar
    • Removable belt side supports
  • Incline conveyor RMV with 4 inch flights
  • One Sort conveyor with Dual Agitators, Dual Stainless Steel Augers
  • 100 gal Water tank with hydraulic water pump
  • Forward facing Mouse Blower (Optional)
  • Standard VFI float header with float system
  • 20″ wide cross conveyor with lift linkage to go from bulk to totes mode
  • Side load elevator, 24″ wide white RMV crescent top belt
  • Elevator rotates out to reach both the close and far bins on the trailer
  • 180 folding tote sweep with either UHMW or Round bar bottom
  • Powered empty tote in-feed conveyor
  • Machine under 120″ width
Optional Vision System
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