Project Description

This 12 inched tracked machine is one of our popular machines. Whether you want a bulk only machine, a totes only machine, or a combo harvester this machine can do it all. With the Valley Fabrication custom undercarriage, you can get through the worst conditions.

Machine Features

  • Totes and bulk machine
  • Stainless steel construction except the undercarriage
  • 120″ folded width
  • Tote seep made of bars or UHMW base
  • 12″ x 264 Rubber tracks, centered on 80″
  • Cummins QSF 3.8 tier 4 Final engine, 130 hp
  • Hydraulic oil cooler with electric cooling fan
  • Standard VF header with;
    • Supply water on the pick up belt for reduced friction and cooling
    • Standard Mol pickup belt
    • Squirrel cage mouse or forward blower mounted to the front of the conveyor (Optional)
    • Standard air jump
    • Standar 3/4″ nose bar
    • Removable belt side supports
  • Features 2 sort conveyors
    • Both with 1″ x 1″ stainless steel flat wire belt
      • Optional 1/2″ x 1″ stainless steel flat wire belt
    • Both have stainless steel cull auger
  • The 2nd sort conveyor features
    • Spray bar for washing product
    • Grab bar near rear for personal to hold onto
    • Plastic triangular agitators with adjustable agitation speed
  • 16″ wide, white smooth RMV, Cross conveyor that moves up and down to transition between totes and bulk mode
  • Stainless see wash down rated foot switch for Turning cross conveyor on when in totes mode
  • 16″ Tote Exit conveyor, Rough top belting, constantly powered on
  • Tray on exit conveyor for holding the discharging tote
  • 18″ wide Tech-Roll driven Elevator conveyor with 4″ flights on 12″ centers
  • Electric flipper to push product from inside to outside bin
  • Approximately 80 gal water tank
Optional Vision System
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